Gitty Fuchs

Gitty Fuchs

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When I paint, I feel like a tourist guide and the canvas is my message. Jerusalem city has captured my heart as a kid when I emigrated with my family from New York to Israel.

Jerusalem is so mystical and beautiful that it is very difficult to resist. As an artist I feel the intricate details in the ancient walls city and stones, very capturing. In my art I want to create a dialogue with the viewer, to evoke memories and emotions, The combination between the stories, the architecture and the people- locals and tourists would create the best subject matter.

I use oil and acrylic paints, brushes and palette knives to create texture and depth by layering paint, sand from Jerusalem and other mediums. All this help to create the rough surface resemblance to thousand years of rich history for this biblical and Holy city.

There is a special feeling looking out the window on this view therefore I work on large canvases, the size of a window focusing on simple skyline composition bringing atmosphere of the place into any space.

My style lies with the fauvist and abstract expressionism On my frequent visits to Jerusalem, many matters in life seem settled and calm. Optimism and happiness is my passion . I spend most of my time just observing the glory, spiritual aura, the dreamy air and the light.

My goal is to find a new way to captivate and reignite these feelings wherever the viewer is and impact lives with art.