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After studying at the school of modern arts in Paris, and a first experience in creation and design in the industrial and commercial field, Denise was drawn to the world of sculpture in the 90’s.

It was at Myriam Franck’s workshop that she started exploring a wide variety of styles, followed by a course at the Boule school Paris. All of this in order to feed her desire to evolve as an artist.

She created works inspired by artistic photographs from advertising: La femme coquillage (2000), La femme parfum (2001), La bouche (2002).

She shaped many academical nudes, but her creative instinct set her on the path of free practice inspired by contemporary art. It was at this moment she decided to sign her works with her second name : Nouna.

“I work with live models, through them I see shapes, lines and curves” tells the artist. Adding “from these shapes I recreate harmony and balance by pouring into them my sensitivity and imagination”

Today, her work can be seen at contemporary art fairs as well as numerous galleries in Israel, France, Europe and abroad. ” I believe that we are all inhabited by sensitivity and finesse which we develop by creating or collecting art. Art serves as a witness of our time and a guardian of our imagination and freedom ”

Art according to Nouna:
«Art grants me a true feeling of freedom where all creations are possible and can reach everyone» “Art is about transmitting emotions and expressing your sensitivity. Creating bronze sculptures brings me great happiness and with resin I can let my imagination run free. Colors unravel and explode. Sometimes I elevate my bronze sculptures with resin. That is the case with the birds and the mouth” “Being an artist is to show who we truly are. It is to capture the essence of what surrounds us and will live on through our work. Passing an idea and bringing a new look upon the world.”